The Loved One 

An adaptation of the Evelyn Waugh novel, this is, as Waugh puts it in his introductory preface "a purely fanciful tale, a little nightmare produced by the unaccustomed high living of a brief visit to Hollywood."

music and lyrics by Katie Hathaway


Orpheus and the Sirens

A Greek myth mashup musical starring Orpheus and the Sirens.  

music, lyrics, and book by Katie Hathaway



Lady scientists taking on the world. This show follows the lives and work of three women whose work is intertwined by their research and use of stellar spectra.

music, lyrics, and book by Katie and Emma Hathaway



Set in the woods outside a decimated Philadelphia, this is the story of two teenagers, Theo and Lu, coming of age in the post-apocalypse. 

music and lyrics by Benjamin Velez  |  book and lyrics by Katie Hathaway