Venting Room 

Is venting healthier than sickness? Is sickness healthier than dreaming? When Bert opens up a venting room for women in a suburban mall, a colorful cast of ninjas, life coaches, ocd guys, and hoarders flood in and vent their townie faces off. Meanwhile, Bert's ex falls in love with one of those hoarders.  So...yeah.  Stories of repression, love triangles, and dreamscapes that devour you whole.

Cast: 5W

Hildy of arthur avenue 

In a world where Catholic guilt is the lifeblood of life itself. Where popes are pathological liars and patriarchy sits silently across from you at the automat sipping an egg cream. Where the mystical visions of feminist medieval composer nuns take the form of pop songs. WHERE? Where is the Bronx. In the 1950s.

Cast: 3W, 1M

Drunken hiccups

Office parties in the Ozarks, grief, ghosts and violinists searching for the ocean and the end. Also - is the bum next door your friend?

Cast: 2W, 3M

Stacking the brooms


Where do a nutritionist, cannabis critic, ski patroller and musician come together to create an Olympic team? In a Gay Adventure in Curling! With music inspired by Icelandic folklore and the Colorado landscape, this interdisciplinary, swirly, Björkian piece depicts players caught up in a roaring game.

Cast: 4W