Brooklyn College's Weasel Fest @ The Public!

Come see Katie's adaptation of an insane Bosch painting in Brooklyn College's Bring a Weasel and A Pint of Your Own Blood one act festival hosted by The Public! 

Don't Eat Cherries With Kings

July 14th @ 7PM
July 15th @ 3PM
July 18th @ 7PM
July 20th @ 7PM

by Katie Hathaway // directed by Polly Noonan 

This Boschian etude is a love poem for an ailing friend - Reality - who is always asking questions like, "Do I even matter anymore?" With their ear for deconstructed cacophony, the post-pop band 'Ensemble Doom' plays the hits while pathological lying is normalized onstage before your very eyes. Tortured musicians torture everyone around them in this garden of generation xyz disquietude.